The function of the head is to give the final shape to the plasticised mass. Our range includes round heads, used in the production of, e.g. filaments, and heads with other basic shapes, the form of which is agreed with the Customer. Our heads are equipped with pressure sensors and band heaters, which ensure a uniform flow and regulate the temperature of the plastic and the head itself, so ensuring the stabilisation of the extrusion process. The head is the element in the line which, depending on the forming tool, determines the final shape of the extruded strand (filament). All parts which come into contact with the material are nitrided, which makes them highly resistant to abrasion. The head is heated by electric-band heaters, and is fitted with sockets whichr connect temperature sensors to a pressure sensor. The head of pump for plastics is fixed by wedge closures. The strand forming the head for 3D printers has two tools to produce strands, with diameters of 1.75mm and 2.85mm. The accuracy of the diameter of the extruded filament is not less than ±0.05 mm. Tooling replacement is easy and does not require special tools.