ZAMAK MERCATOR haul-offs are used to adjust the product tension and to discharge it and transfer it to downstream devices. Depending on the Customer’s needs, we supply two types of haul-off - caterpillar and roller. Caterpillar-receiving haul-offs are used for the transporting of the extruded filament strand. This type of haul-off is a very-versatile solution since, it provides the means of the transporting of profiles with various cross sections - not just the filament. The device is a very-important element in the line, because it is also responsible for the dimensional accuracy of the extrudate, and the precise control of the linear speed allows the detailed adjustment of its dimensions. The caterpillar haul-off works with a measuring device and its output is analysed by a digital line-control system. In this way, the extraction speed can be adjusted to ensure the dimensional stability of the extruded strand or filament. The haul-off has a pair of tracks with adjustable distances, symmetrically in relation to the strand, and their distances are adjusted by an electric motor and a precise trapezoidal screw. The measurement of the distance between the caterpillars is effected by measuring the transducers. Each caterpillar has a separate drive equipped with a digital encoder, which coordinates with the frequency converters (inverters), thus ensuring the high stability of the transport-line speed. In addition, the caterpillar speeds are synchronised with auxiliary sensors on an ongoing basis. Our caterpillar haul-off is fitted with caterpillars covered with Corex or Linatex layers - a soft material with high abrasion resistance. The coverage of haul-off caterpillars is selected according to the type of transported extrudate. The hauloff system is equipped with a safety system which prevents uncontrolled access to the moving parts. All haul-off functions are controlled from an independent operator’s touch panel. The roller haul-off is a solution dedicated to the transporting of strictly round profiles of different diameters. Precise linear-speed control, allows the very-accurate adjustment of filament dimensions. The roller haul-off, like the caterpillar version, is integrated with a measuring device, and controls the measurement of the extrudate, so the entire production speed can be regulated. The device has a pair of rollers adapted to guide round profiles. The state-of-the-art drive, which, as in the case of the caterpillar system, is equipped with a digital encoder, drives each roller independently. In addition, the roller speeds can be synchronised on an ongoing basis or adjusted independently. It is possible to adjust the position of the rollers in relation to the axes of the whole line. Their coating is selected depending on the type of transported final product. The extraction is designed for safe operation, so there is no need for mechanical guards. All its functions are controlled from an independent-operator’s touch panel.