ZAMAK MERCATOR granulators are designed for cutting previously extruded strands, in the shape of granules with sizes from 2mm to 4mm, or flakes. Its mobility and versatility enable it to work with a wide variety of extruders. The granulating system consists of a servomotor-driven exchangeable cutting blade, feeding rollers, and strand guides. The whole unit is built in a compact housing. The size of the obtained slash depends on the number and speed of blades used in the granulator, so it has a very-wide operating range. The system introducing the strands into the cutting section is conducted out to the outside of the housing, which is a very-safe solution because the operator has no access to the rotating parts. The control system makes it possible to control the linear speed and length of the cut granules by adjusting the rotational speed of the cutter. The granulator is connected to the unified control system of the entire line, allowing the setting and reading of the parameters from the extruder panel. Ease of use and compact design make our granulator an extremely versatile device.

Technical specifications