There is a plastic pump with a drive between the extruder cylinder and the extruder head, whose main task is to relieve the extruder from material flow and to generate pressure. During the operation of the single- screw extruder, due to the rotation of the screw, there is a slight pressure pulsation, and the screw extruder sets the plastic material in a swirling motion. These phenomena make it very difficult to produce filament with a high stability of diameter. The use of the ZAMAK MERCATOR pump prevents such situations, allows the precise control of the linear speed of the extruded filament, and facilitates the generating of a uniform flow of plastic at the exit from the forming head. The pump module consists of a gear pump, drive train, drive motor, and cooling, heating, and control systems. The module is customised. The pump drive is equipped with a 120Hz motor, which ensures stable capacity regulation. Thanks to the ZAMAK MERCATOR pump, it is possible to make better use of the extruder to plasticise and homogenise the material, and, as a result, the extruder coordinates with the pump achieves much greater performance. Our pumps are versatile and energy-saving, as they process a wide range of plastics with low power consumption.

Technical specifications