per materie plastiche


Our twin-screw extruders for plastics processing are characterised by the highest torque and rotational speeds, as well as very-high performance. The basis for the construction of ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders is the precise determination of the production process, and the adjustabiity of mechanical components and extruder automation. Double screw extruders are designed to process problematic raw materials containing additives in the form of, e.g., glass, carbon, organic fibres, powders and nanoparticles. The machines are also ideal for the processing of highly filled materials and reactive extrusion processes, while guaranteeing the high quality and efficiency of production. For industrial purposes, we usually recommend a twin-screw co-rotating and counter-rotating extruder. An important feature of ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders is their excellent capacity to reproduce industrial processes in research-laboratory conditions. This is why our twin-screw parallel and cone extruders for plastics processing are ideal for all research and scientific institutions. We supply a wide range of equipment for our twin-screw extruders: side dispensers, gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems, plastic pumps, degassing systems, and various types of head, which are described in separate sections. All ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders are characterised by high performance, ergonomic design, and low energy consumption. Depending on the Customer’s expectations, we also adjust the control and data-recording systems to those applied in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Technical specifications

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