для резины и силикона



Single-screw extruders for processing rubber and silicone mixtures are designed for difficult operation in high-pressure and high-load conditions. Our extruders are designed and selected for each project individually in terms of size, machine type, and screw geometry. We supply small extruders, used to extrude precise small profiles, or to operate as extruders in the coextrusion process, but also large machines for large profiles. Our extruders for processing rubber and silicone mixtures are equipped with state-of-theart drives - and the design of the thrust bearing, feed roller, and cylinder is reinforced - all in order to maintain the highest-possible-quality machine. Extruders are equipped with innovative heating-and-cooling systems. and a wide range of additional equipment, such as heads. and special fastenings and hydraulic closures. The continuous control of extrusion parameters is ensured by state-of-the-art automation systems equipped with large and easy-to-read touch screens.

Technical specifications

for rubber and silicone