ZAMAK MERCATOR produces rolling mills with three sizes of rollers: LM-150/300, LM- 200/400, LM-250/500. A characteristic feature of our equipment is the broad range of functional parameters, enabling us to carry out technological processes in a very-wide range of rubber, silicone and polymer mixtures. Each of our models can be equipped with one of three heating- and-cooling systems: a water system for operating up to a maximum temperature of 130°C, an oil system for operating up to a maximum temperature of 250°C, and an electric heating system and an air cooling system for operating up to a maximum temperature of 300°C. There is an option to use independent systems for each roller. One of the most-important features of our rolling mills is the ability to simulate industrial processes in a laboratory environment. In the case of rolling mills it is extremely important to ensure safe operation, the appropriate ergonomics, and short preparation time for preparing the machine for the next test. Our devices are multi-purpose, precise and fully automated, so the continuous control of parameters is ensured by intuitive automation systems equipped with state-of-the-art touch screens.

Our rolling mills have a digital mechanism to stabilize the set gap, depending on the changing temperature of the rollers. Thanks to this innovative solution, the gap maintains a constant set value, regardless of the unstable temperature of the rollers, which change their diameter due to thermal expansion. For the user it means the possibility of stable and repeatable work. Gaps (0.2mm) between rollers, regardless of fluctuations in degrees of Celsius, allow the production of thin films from rolled materials in a wide temperature range. We also make rollers with diameters of 100mm or 300mm.

Technical specifications