The set of IR ovens is a key element in the assembly line for the production of rubber and silicone profiles, which includes a shock oven and a tunnel oven for vulcanising solid and porous rubber profiles, resulting in the final shaping of the profile. The shock oven is the first stage, and heats up to 700°C. Its function is to stabilise the dimensions of the product and to form a vulcanisation film, so the product is inside it for a veryshort time. The capability to adjust the height and angle of the oven makes it a multi-purpose device, which allows for the production of profiles with different properties. The cross-section of the chamber and its length are selected according to the Customer’s needs. The tunnel oven is made up of many segments, and its total length and width depend on the requirements for the final product. Its function is uniform final vulcanisation. For the transport of the profile, it is possible to use rollers or a guiding net - we select them depending on the Customer’s preferences. The construction of the ovens is based on IR radiators, which allows for better control the vulcanisation process, moreover, the energy of IR radiation penetrates the vulcanised profile, accelerating and equalising the process in the whole volume of the product. The interior of the stove is made entirely of stainless steel.

Technical specifications