Laser-measuring system

Extruded profiles must meet the required dimensional tolerance so we can use a laser- measuring system on the line. The measurement system effectively improves the quality of the manufactured profiles, and facilitates the control and regulation of the process during the entire line operation. Depending on the shape of the extruded profile, the approriate measuring system is used. For profiles with circular cross-sections, we use a device measuring the diameter and any ovality in the profile. The results are used to control the line in order to obtain the high accuracy and stability of the dimension of the extruded product. When it comes to complex-section profiles, the set is equipped with a laser measuring head, and full software for programming shapes and forging profile-measuring points.



Laser meters

Measuring the diameter of filament strand is a key element in the production process. To measure the diameter of the extrudate in two or three axes, for transparent and non-transparent products, a laser meter with an integrated measurement display is used. The measurement results can be displayed on the screen, but also transmitted to the line-control system and presented in graphical form. The line-control system also allows data to be saved.



Technical specifications