The key element in the hot bath is a calibrator, which is designed to produce the homogeneous shape and diameter of the extruded profile. The calibrator works under pressure, stabilises the dimensions of the extrudate, and guarantees that the tolerance of the diameter does not exceed +/- 0.05mm. The calibrator is equipped with interchangeable moulding nozzles of different diameters, and a double-axis positioning mechanism, which ensures its precise positioning in relation to the extruder head. This is an extremely important factor as regards the quality of the filament. The calibrator is also equipped with a vacuum pump for precise adjustment.


The heating-and-cooling system of the cylinder section is a device which is designed to ensure the stable temperature of the cylinder section or rolling-mill shaft, in accordance with the technological process. Its main objective is to maintain the set temperature precisely, regardless of changes in the amount of heat required in the technological process. Our rolling mills and extruders are equipped with two types of system. One of these is a water heating-and-cooling system, in the temperature range of up to 150oC (optionally 180oC) - used mainly in rubber processing. The second is an oil heating-and-cooling system in the temperature range of up to 350oC - mainly used in plastics and rubber processing. The suppliers of the heating-and-cooling sub-systems are well-known Polish and foreign manufacturers. ZAMAK MERCATOR integrates heating-and-cooling-control systems with extruder-automation systems.

Dosing systems

We can provide you with a wide range of volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems, which are used for dosing components in extrusion processes. Our range includes small single-screw and twin-screw dispensers, used in laboratory extruders, but also in extensive industrial feeding systems for extrusion lines. Feeders are used in the plastics industry, and are used to service extruders and to transport materials in the form of granulate, powder or liquids. The suppliers of the dosing sub-systems are proven well-known Polish and foreign manufacturers. ZAMAK MERCATOR integrates dosing-control systems with extruder automation systems.